iCook™ 不粘煎锅 - 限时销售*iCook™ 不粘煎锅 - 限时销售*
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iCook™ 不粘煎锅 - 限时销售*

产品编号: 100678| 容量: 10 英寸 (25 厘米) 不粘煎锅(带锅盖)
    • 含税零售价: 138.73 EURO



    iCook™ 不粘锅产品系列集各种科技于一身,为您打造高品质产品。iCook 品牌采用Duramic™ 不粘锅涂层系统,采用最先进的技术,为您提供各种优质产品。

    Duramic™双层不粘锅涂层系统(The DURAMIC 2-layer non-stick coating system) 对内部和外部都进行深入强化,产品更加耐用。产品各种特色功能和先进技术有机结合,可实现显著性能提升,让您烹饪更省力,更易清洗。

    不粘涂层处理的不锈钢锅身带有OPTITEMP™ 锅底以及符合人体工程学设计的锅柄和锅盖把手。锅底具有理想的热传导效果,食物受热更加均匀。锅身18/10,采用T304 手术级抛光不锈钢材料制成。锅底采用铁磁不锈钢材料,可用于电磁炉。


    • 特殊DURAMIC™ 不粘锅涂层系统对内部和外部都进行强化加固
    • 坚固的大尺寸锅身由18/10 T304 手术级抛光不锈钢材料制成
    • OPTITEP™ 锅底适用于最为常见的灶台,包括天然气、电热炉、玻璃/陶瓷灶台、火炉搁架和电磁炉
    • 与铸铁、实心不锈钢和瓷釉碳钢等普通炊具材料相比,OPTITEMP 锅底可提供更好的热传导和保温性能
    • 高强度不粘涂层系统。先进的技术可保证涂层系统具有较高性能,进而实现超高耐用性
    • 锅底经过磨光处理
    • 抗冲击钢化玻璃锅盖 
    • 涂层不含PFOA
    • 耐热高达400°F/ 204°C
    • 人体工程学锅柄和锅盖把手
    • 锅柄带有挂孔
    • 家用环境下,锅身和锅盖针对生产缺陷享受5 年有条件质保
    • Reinforced non-stick coating system provides long lasting performance, helps prevent damaging scratches, resistant to damage from all non-metal utensils
    • OPTITEMP™slab bottom helps prevent hot spots and warping, promotes even cooking for great cooking results 
    • OPTITEMP slab bottom combines the advantages of stainless steel and aluminum to overcome disadvantages of each metal when used alone for superb performance.
    • DURAMIC™coating prevents food from sticking to the pan for longer than other non-stick coatings
    • Healthy way of cooking - requires little or no added oils
    • Suitable for a variety of cooking methods:  stewing, boiling, steaming, roasting, poaching, frying, braising, simmering, stove top.
    • Solid pan body is durable and helps resist rusting, pitting and staining with proper care.
    • Easy to clean and maintains its luster
    • Comfortable to use - handles are ergonomically designed, side helper handles on larger pans to assist with lifting
    • Tempered glass lids are durable
    • Versatile and oven safe
    • Visually pleasing as well as practical and comfortable for the end user
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