Maintain the functionality and convenience of your eSpring Water Treatment System order number 100188 (above the counter), with this dedicated diverter kit.

What It Does For You

  • Necessary to connect the eSpring Water Treatment System to your existing tap
  • Quick and easy to install and connect
  • No special tools or equipment required
  • Filtered eSpring water straight from your tap

Why You Would Like It

It’s clear that you respect your time and prefer things that are quicker and easier. And we respect that. The replacement Diverter Kit for Existing Tap eSpring needs no special tools or equipment to be installed in minutes and ready to use. Tested and safe, use the kit to replace the existing components that were included with your eSpring device. Enjoy the taste of fresh filtered water straight from the tap, with the Diverter Kit for Existing Tap eSpring.




Key Features

  • Lengths of tubes: 1.5 m

How To Use

Follow the simple instructions in the product manual to quickly and easily connect your eSpring Water Filtration system with a compatible existing tap.

For any service questions or to claim your warranty, please contact us on [insert local Customer Care telephone number]