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    XS™ Power Drink Tropical is a delicious fresh and fruity drink packed with a blend of fatigue-fighting B-vitamins. *

    Why you will love it

    XS™ Power Drink Tropical supports your busy and active lifestyle with its blend of four B-vitamins that help combat tiredness and fatigue while supporting mental agility and alertness.* Keep one in your bag and enjoy when you're working long hours or are feeling fatigued. At just 5-calories and with zero sugar, it’s the boost you need in your day. 

    Good to know

    • XS Power Drink Tropical is naturally fresh and flavourful with a medley of delicious tasting ripe and juicy fruit flavours, this delicious drink can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.
    • Vitamins B, including B3 (Niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine) and B12 (cobalamin), help to reduce tiredness and exhaustion and maintain energy
    • Powered by a blend of Vitamins B, taurine and caffeine. 

    * Contains Vitamins B (B3, B5, B6, B12) that contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism.


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    Adatto a uomini e donne:

    • di giorno e di sera
    • per uno stile di vita frenetico
    • mentre si fa sport
    • in caso di straordinari al lavoro
    • quando si deve guidare a lungo
    • durante le lezioni e lo studio

    XS™ Power Drink contiene livelli elevati di Vitamina B che contribuiscono al corretto livello energetico del metabolismo e aiutano a ridurre il senso di stanchezza e affaticamento. Inoltre, l'acido pantotenico sostiene la normale attività mentale.

    Una dieta varia ed equilibrata e uno stile di vita sano sono di notevole importanza.

    Elevato contenuto di caffeina (32 mg/100 ml). Non consigliato per bambini, donne in gravidanza o in allattamento e persone che presentano sensibilità alla caffeina. Da consumare in quantità ragionevoli.

    Frequently asked questions

    What inspired the new XS™ Power Drink design?

    The new XS logo on the packaging brings a fresh, vibrant new look to the can. With a design inspired by the mountains and sea of Laguna Beach, the new modern look reflects the XS lifestyle.

    Why is the design changing?

    The design refresh was inspired by the desire to create a look and feel that exudes energy, adventure and the XS lifestyle. The new logo design will be used for all XS products including Power Drinks and Sports Nutrition.