Beauty and Grooming

A stylish collection of refreshing and energising fragrances.
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Bath and Body
G&H high-performance body care products
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Hair Care
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Men's Grooming
A complete range of shaving and skincare products, developed to meet the unique skincare needs of men.
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Oral Care
GLISTER™ oral care products give you the proactive protection you need to keep your smile beautiful day after day.
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"We have a complete series of skin care products for men and women, body care products, hair care products and oral care products, perfumes and after-shave lotion. ARTISTRY™ Essentials skin care products include product series for cleansing, toning, soothing and hydrating, for all kinds of skin types. The toner and cleanser can provide moisture to the skin and maintain its balance. It can also liberate the pores by removing the sebum that clogs them. Hydrating products moisturise the skin, recover its lustre, create a protective layer for the skin, and protect against the damages from time and sunlight. Skin strengthening care: Balancing essence, masques, anti-aging lotion and anti-blemish essence give your skin excellent care. Our skin care products have a strong moisturizing effect that can give aged skin new life. Our eye care products can eliminate dark eye circles, crow’s feet and bags around the eyes. Deodorants and body washes can make your skin soft and hydrated from head to toe. Eye area, cheeks, lips, nails, and face cosmetics: Foundation, liquid concealer, liquid colour cosmetics and blush help you build a perfect base for your make-up and bring out your natural beauty. Eyes: Long-lasting eye-shadow, Signature Eyes Volume Mascara and eye liner help you effortlessly bring out your eyes. By using our lipsticks, lip balms and lip glosses available in a variety of colours that are suitable for any skin tone you can take care of your lips and keep them soft and moisturised. We also have multiple series of nail polishers that last, prevent falling-off, and can give you even brighter colours. Care for different types of hair. Satinique® shampoos and conditioners can cleanse any type of hair and make hair smoother. No matter whether your hair is oily or dry, if it’s prone to dandruff or has been coloured, this product can be used to wash it. These products are used to moisturise the scalp and repair your hair and protect the hair from damage due to heat and other external factors. For those interested in creating a trendier, more fashionable style, you can try our volumising mousse, styling cream, shaping cream and final step finishing spray. Products for men. Our shaving and skin care products for men ranging from pre-shave products to skin moisturisers include shaving cream, daily facial washes and facial creams. Glister® oral care. In order to eliminate stains and make your teeth whiter and your smile brighter, we produce toothpaste, floss and freshening spray to prevent clustering of the alveolar ridge and keep the gums healthy, leaving your mouth feeling fresh fast. What’s more, our toothbrush can help you improve oral hygiene while protecting your gums. Our fragrances for men and women are fresh, interesting, aromatic and sexy: Our fragrances (or body sprays) are suitable for all kinds of moods and occasions. Amway’s fragrances for men are modern and fashionable. Its perfume mixes many kinds of natural fragrances such as lavender and citron, giving a fresh and sensual scent. Full-body care - exclusive for men and women."
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