Take advantage of the Special Start-up Offer and save with your first order!

Go big: become an Amway Distributor, taking advantage of the Special Start Up Incentive * and taking advantage of the opportunity to order your first products, for personal use, at a special price! Send your first order, at least 100 VP and until a maximun of 300 VP, by h. 11:30 PM the day after you sign up for your Amway business , and get extraordinary benefits:

Amway offers you :

- Start! Free kit (you can save the cost of 40 Euros for the Start! Kit)

8% discount on the first order of value between 100 and 199.99 VP or 16% on the first order of value between 200 and 300 VP *

- The discount is calculated on the Retail Price, including VAT, up to a maximum value of 300 VP.

* The discount provided on the first order, as a result of the Special Start-up Offer, is not applied on the products and sets of products already offered at a special price, the accessories, testers, samples, bags and printed matter. On new products the discount is not applied for a defined period of time depending on the type of the same and at Amway's discretion. This period is specifically indicated on the online page of each product involved (Overview Section). However, the articles excluded from the Special Offer for the start of the activity contribute to the calculation of the VP so that the Offer is triggered.

Keep saving even after the first order with the ScontONLINE Program!

The points of your first order also count towards the ScontONLINE Program, the program that rewards your productivity every month: for every 100 VPs ordered online or at the Business Centers in Rome and Milan, during each month, you will receive a 10 euro coupons,
which you can use the following month (from day 1 to 28), for the payment of your orders of at least 100 VP (transmitted online or at the Business Centers) and up to cover 70% of the amount order.

Amway Satisfaction Guarantee

Amway, by virtue of the attention it constantly gives to Customers, extends the guarantees provided by law and applies the Amway Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Amway Satisfaction Guarantee consists of the right granted to Distributors and end customers to return the products, at their own expense, without time limits for consumer products and within 90 days from the delivery date for goods classified as durable, obtaining refund in the manner described in detail on the Return Goods Form.