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That is:
1. Cannot engage in sales and distribution:
a) those who have been declared habitual or professional criminals or with a propensity to commit crimes, unless they have been officially rehabilitated;
b) those who have been convicted, res judicata, for non-culpable offense, for which a prison term of no less than three years is expected, provided that a penalty greater than the minimum prescribed has been effectively applied;
c) those who have been sentenced, res judicata, to imprisonment for one of the crimes referred to in Book II, Title VIII, Chapter II of the Penal Code, that is for receiving stolen goods, money laundering, fraudulent insolvency, fraudulent bankruptcy, usury, robbery, violent crimes against persons, extortion;
d) those who have been convicted, res judicata, for offenses against public healthcare and hygiene, including the crimes referred to in Book II, Title VI, Chapter II of the Penal Code;
e) those who have received, res judicata, two or more convictions, in the five-year period before beginning the business, for crimes of fraud in the preparation and trade of foods provided for by special laws;
f) those who are subjected to one of the preventive measures referred to in the law of 27 December 1956, n. 1423, or against whom one of the measures provided for by law 31 May 1965, n. 575 has been implemented, that is non-custodial security measures.