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Disposable Face Mask Amway™

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Ordering number: 303064
Size: Pack of 50 disposable masks.

    Disposable 3-ply face mask providing 98% protection against bacteria. Soft, breathable and comfortable to wear. The product is part of the Amway “Together we can” campaign.

    Facts For You

    • Disposable 3-ply type II face mask providing 98% protection against bacteria.
    • Soft, breathable, comfortable wear.
    • The pack of 50 masks covers the needs of the whole family.
    • Buy a pack of masks and support others. Amway will donate all profit generated from the Face Masks and make an additional matching donation* to local entities.

    *Amway contribution to match profit generated.

    Key Features

    Amway Disposable Face Mask has a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of 98%.
    An adjustable nose piece and elastic ear straps - the mask perfectly fits the shape of your face.
    Cleanse your hands frequently using G&H PROTECT+™ Instant Hand Cleanser before wearing and taking off the mask. This combination gives you a proper hygiene level and helps you to take care of yourself and your beloved.

    How To Use

    How to use a mask properly:

    • Wash your hands with soap and water or cleanse with the alcohol-based G&H PROTECT+™ Instant Hand Cleanser
    • Wear a mask properly, covering both your nose and mouth.
    • Pull the elastic ear straps behind your ears so it fits well.
    • Adjust the face mask to your nose with the adjustable nose clip.
    • When taking a mask off, remove it from behind. Avoid touching the front side.
    • Discard your mask into a bin or bag that can be sealed or closed.
    • Wash your hands or apply alcohol-based G&H PROTECT+™ Instant Hand Cleanser immediately after removing your face mask.
    • Change your mask after each use or when the mask is soiled or wet.


    70% PP Spunbound, 15% PP melt-blown, 15% Spandex.