Isotonic Drink Mix - Grapefruit flavour NUTRILITE™ STRIVE+™
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Order number: 103788| Size: 20 x 30g stick packs
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    A REHYDRATING DRINK, AS GOOD AS YOUR WORKOUT. Mix NUTRILITE STRIVE+ with water to get a fast protection against dehydration. Replace immediately minerals lost during hard workout: carbohydrates, electrolytes and 100 mg of Red Orange Complex.

    NB: the production of the product NUTRILITE STRIVE+ will be suspended by July - August 2017 (estimated run out). Look out for new replacement product in that period.

    • It really hydrate to those who do strenuous workout

    • It replaces electrolytes, sodium and potassium lost during workout

    • Excellent and healthy alternative to soft drinks

    • No artificial flavours, dyes or preservatives added

    • The sachets are easy to carry and to try

    • 2 fresh flavours available: Grapefruit or Mixed Fruit

    • Practical and easy to take: just choose if you prefer an isotonic or hypotonic drink, according to energy needs.

    Potential consumers: Men and women that do hard workout, people that do workout for an hour or more, anyone who knows the importance of being healthy and wants to maintain optimal levels of hydration and anyone looking for a great alternative to soft drinks.

    For detailed information about this product please refer to the local language version of the page

    1 sachet per day (according to the amount of physical activity needed). Suitable for:

    • Men, women and children from six years of age

    • who has a moderately or very active lifestyle

    • professional athletes or those who practice non competitive sports

    • who has a busy lifestyle

    • hose who enjoy an active lifestyle


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