In order to complete your return request you have to be logged in to your account and go to ‘My Orders’, select the order and start the returns process by pressing the ‘Return’ button. Follow the menu to close your request successfully.

Guest Customers will receive a returns form with the order confirmation mail

Please provide your parcel with the announced return address and add the Return reference number. Deliver your parcel at the local post office and keep the tracking number for your records. After arrival at Amway the goods and documents are checked for completeness and factual correctness in accordance with the rules for return of goods (see below). Where applicable, a refund or replacement will be issued.

Guest Customers are sending the parcel the same way but without adding a Return reference number

General rules for returning goods

1.    Condition of product: Only those products will be credited which
– show a product fault,
– were delivered in a damaged condition, this not being possible to establish immediately at the time of delivery,
– have been returned by ABOs or customers on the basis of the satisfaction guarantee in force in the particular case.

Damaged products, or products which are unfit for resale owing to inappropriate storage and/or usage will not be credited and will be returned.

2.    Carriage costs: You have to pay the standard postal costs. Amway refunds postal costs for returns by "right on withdrawal " and "statutory warranty "

3.    Settlement of account: The refund amount will be direct credited in accordance with the selected refund method.

4.    Return requests: will be automatically deleted if the products are not sent back to Amway within 3 months.