Explore the 9-steps of the seed-to-supplement journey to learn how we ensure that Nutrilite™ Bilberry with Lutein is PURE, SAFE and EFFECTIVE


Did you know that lutein is known to be concentrated in the retina and lens of the eye? That is why lutein from marigold complements this food supplement.

The beauty of the bright orange and yellow marigolds is literally in the eye of the beholder: they get their brilliant color from lutein!


Allowing marigold flowers time to properly mature produces seeds that are packed with the phytonutrient lutein.

Each growing season, our partner farmers leave some marigold fields unpicked for a time to ensure that the seeds will produce plants with the highest concentration of lutein.


The flowers are carefully grown using sustainable farming methods on selected partner farms on the plateaus of Southern India.

There, the soil is just right, and the monsoon season brings the perfect weather that allows these beautiful marigolds to grow vibrant and strong with a high concentration of the phytonutrient lutein.


Marigold flowers grow rapidly during monsoon season, which brings not only frequent heavy rains but also long, sunny days that are warm and not too hot.

Marigold seeds are planted in nurseries, where the tender seedlings are carefully nurtured and then transplanted to the field to grow. Ample rainfall helps mature plants quickly produce large, nutrient-concentrated blooms.


These rapid-growing blossoms are a lot to keep up with, but we do! The powerful flowers are ready for the first harvest about 55 days after they are transplanted.

The blooms are carefully handpicked every week for 6 to 7 weeks. Harvesting is done during cooler hours of the day and the flowers are quickly moved to shaded areas to preserve their colorful nutrients.


The marigolds are then pressed, chopped, dried and then crushed into a powder to stabilize them and to capture their peak lutein concentration.

Look closely and you can see the phytonutrient goodness in the orange sprinkles of every colorful Nutrilite™ Bilberry with Lutein tablet!


We ensure that Nutrilite™ Bilberry with Lutein contains the right levels of Vitamin A, bilberry extract and the phytonutrient lutein. It is our conscious decision to not add artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives.

We always put safety first. We test to ensure the presence of good things and absence of bad things. Our products are tested for contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, foreign material, irradiation, and microbes, amongst others.


Nutrilite™ Bilberry with Lutein is available in a bottle as a one-month supply of 62 tablets.

The bottle is designed to preserve the valuable nutrients and to protect the tablets from damage during transport. How do we know that the packaging is reliable? We subject it to extreme conditions – shaking, squeezing, and twisting, amongst others. That‘s how we know it can handle anything it faces between our door and yours.

Production and packaging details are linked to each Nutrilite™ Bilberry with Lutein product shipped, allowing us to react quickly to customer inquiries.

9. YOU

Your eyes are the window to the world. They receive a large fraction of the sensory input coming from the world around you.

These days, we spend many hours in front of computer screens, smartphones, tablets and TV, which can tire the eyes, result in physical fatigue and decrease productivity. As we age, we may experience vision-related problems, such as dry eyes or difficulty seeing in poor lighting.

With you in mind, the Nutrilite™ brand created Bilberry with Lutein. Our seed-to-supplement process ensures that our products are pure, safe and effective. We stand behind our food supplements.

If you’re not satisfied with a Nutrilite™ product, you will receive a full refund in accordance with the Amway Satisfaction Guarantee.

For the terms and conditions of the Amway Satisfaction Warranty click here.



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